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Droplets Flow is built on Node.js and the patented Droplets UI Toolkit 4.0, an end-to-end JavaScript implementation. It is currently running on Herokuís application platform within Amazonís Web Services infrastructure.

The following video shows some of the capabilities of Droplets Flow. Vizmetrics Inc is a financial newsletter firm ( The Vizmetrics website contains portfolio data that they update regularly by editing the HTML code behind the page. The process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

However, this challange does not warrant a full content management system with its own intricate setup and management issues. Rather the Droplets Flow enables Vizmetrics to create a right-sized solution that projects the contents of a private Google docs spreadsheet onto their website. "Many users have ad-hoc data that they would have to take back to the IT department for coding, many on a weekly or monthly basis," says Mark Palmer, President of Vizmetrics. "We are implementing this technology to streamline the publishing of our performance statistics on a monthly basis - simply by updating a Google Spreadsheet.Ē

Vinodh Gunasekera
Droplets, Inc.

See a video of Droples Flow in action, below


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