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The trends that will take hold in 2001

by Ryan Tate January 05, 2001

For the technology business world, there can be no doubt that 2000 was a year of widespread failure and dismay. But failure has an upside: It teaches us valuable lessons and makes success all the more likely in the future.

We've distilled 365 days of turmoil into 25 trends that you'll see taking hold this year.

  1. Bricks rule clicks

  2. Profitability becomes a religion

  3. The grassroots Net makes a comeback

  4. Desktop applications erode the ubiquity of the Web browser

    Napster reminded everyone that there are Net applications aside from Web browsers. From Droplets to Zaplets to Groove to Microsoft's (MSFT) .NET, more and more client-side applications will connect directly to the Internet for everything from file-sharing to collaboration to information monitoring.

  5. Enterprise software market heats up

  6. E-supply chains are all the rage

  7. The wireless Web is less of a joke

  8. Expect bouts of dysphoria

  9. Venture shakeout

  10. Old tech matures

  11. Get ready to pay for online content

  12. Lots of Nasdaq delistings in store

  13. Stock buyback bonanza

  14. Computerized voting develops more quickly

  15. Technology regulation hits e-businesses

  16. Everyone's an ASP

  17. One word: Consolidation

  18. Security is an even bigger headache

  19. Death of buzz

  20. Humility a virtue again

  21. Analysts lose some luster

  22. You can leave stock options to the birds and bees

  23. Public no more

  24. The reverse split reigns

  25. Patience is again a virtue

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