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Company press releases

12 Sept 2011   Amazon, Apple, Others Sued by Droplets for Web Tech

16 May 2011   Droplets Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Online Brokerage Firms

1 Dec 2010   USPTO affirms Droplets Rich Internet Patent After Re-Examination

19 Nov 2007   Droplets, Inc. Adds International Patents for its Rich Internet Application Technology

30 Apr 2007   Droplets Inc. Introduces Droplets 3.0 Beta for Micro Focus COBOL

10 Jan 2007   Droplets for HP Itanium Now Available

20 Dec 2005   Droplets for IBM AIX Now Available

25 July 2005   Droplets for Solaris 10 Now Available

4 Apr 2005   Droplets for Red Hat Linux ES3 Now Available

2 Feb 2005   Droplets to Present at Micro Focus Developer Forum 2005

31 Aug 2004   Droplets Integrates with IBM’s Lotus Workplace

27 Apr 2004   Droplets for Micro Focus COBOL Now Available

17 Mar 2004   Droplets for Borland JBuilder, Limited Edition Available

23 Feb 2004   U.S. Patent Office Issues Patent for Droplets' Groundbreaking Technology

11 Feb 2004   Droplets Names Legacy Application Enablement Veteran Jim Shapiro COO

19 Nov 2003   Droplets for WebSphere® Product Bundle Available

9 Sep 2003   Droplets, Inc., supports Oracle® Application Server 10g

29 Jul 2003   Droplets, Inc., Awarded Government GSA Contract

2 Jun 2003   Java Servlets Get a New Lease on Life with Droplets

29 Jan 2003   Samsung SDI Brings Droplets To Factory Floor For Real Time Monitoring

7 Nov 2002   Droplets Injection Improves Enterprise Application Usability

22 Oct 2002   Droplets and Sun ONE Studio IDE Deliver Rich GUIs For Server Side Java™ Technology Applications

26 Aug 2002   Droplets Announces Support for Oracle9i Application Server

13 Aug 2002   Droplets Announces Linux Validation For All IBM eServer Platforms

08 Jul 2002   Borland® JBuilder™ To Include Droplets User Interface Server™ and SDK

13 Jun 2002   Droplets Earns Prestigious SunTone Certification from Sun Microsystems

06 May 2002   Droplets User Interface Server Demonstrates High Performance on the Intel® Xeon™ Microprocessor at IBM developerWorks Live Event

26 Mar 2002   Mix Droplets With GLUE For Instant Web Services

04 Feb 2002   New Droplets 2.2 Extends Next-Generation User Interface Capabilities from Legacy Systems to Wireless Devices

29 Jan 2002   Droplets expands global operations and announces first customer in Asia

28 Aug 2001   New Portal Is Chatting Up Droplets

04 Jun 2001   New Droplets User Interface Server 2.0 Brings Superior User Interface, Real-Time Data and Desktop Alerts to Server-Side Internet Applications

30 Mar 2001 Launches Highly Secure Droplets-Based Email for Correctional and Law Enforcement Communities

28 Mar 2001   Droplets Welcomes Award-Winning Consulting Firms as Newest Strategic Partners

28 Feb 2001   Two Companies Join Forces to Build Productivity Applications for a Growing Mobile Workforce

21 Feb 2001   Droplets Adds ATG Dynamo Bridge to its Arsenal

07 Feb 2001   CRM Software and Service Sales Executive Joins Growing Droplets Team

11 Dec 2000   Former Philips CEO Joins Droplet, Inc.'s Advisory Board

09 Nov 2000   Droplet, Inc. Helps New Partner to get their "Apps" Together

31 Oct 2000   Killer Technology Released... and On The Loose

23 Oct 2000   NetWorld+Interop sends Droplets to 50,000 Attendees

28 Sep 2000   Droplets co-founder and CEO interviewed at Networld+Interop

26 Sep 2000   Droplet, Inc. Launches New Email Service with Superior Performance, Functionality

15 Aug 2000   Droplet Inc. Announces Successful Beta Launch of Droplet 1.0

Media coverage
"Droplets awarded $15 million in damages"
By Robin Y. Richardson, 17 January 2015

"Jury Says Sears, Owe $15M In Tech Patent Row"
By Kurt Orzeck, 16 January 2015

The National Law Review
"E*Trade, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade v. Droplets, Inc.: Denying Institution of Covered Business Method Patent"
By Nick Colic, 4 November 2014

"Adobe Settles Network Patent Dispute With Droplets"
By Samuel Howard, 17 October 2008

"PTO To Re-Examine Droplets Patent In Adobe Case"
By Brendan Pierson, 1 November 2007

Java Developers Journal
"Droplets by Droplets Inc."
By Somnath Banerjee, 5 February 2004

Java Developers Journal
"The Rich Client Strikes Back"
By Philip Brittan, 8 January 2004

"Droplets' Rich User Interface Supports Java Servlets"
By Charles Babcock, 4 June 2003

"Droplets execs explain the benefits of their service in delivering full GUI applications online."
By Michael Vizard and Mark Jones, 07 Feb 2002

Forrester's Web Services conference: "Advanced user interface development hailed"
By Mark Jones, 05 Feb 2002

Java Developer's Journal
"Rich User Interfaces ­ We're putting our money on GUIs not HTML"
By John Zukowski and Vincent Maciejewski, Dec 2001

"The Next Gen User Interface"
By Sean Harvey and Russ Atkind, Dec 2001

"Droplets and Larry Ellison's New Internet Computer Company partner for richer thin-client computing."
By Dan Neel, 27 Nov 2001

Network World
"A drop of ingenuity goes a long way"
By Michael Osterman, 15 Oct 2001

Silicon Alley Daily
"With the coming of the so-called X Internet, Droplets wants to combine the ubiquity of the Net with the ease of the desktop."
By Brian Morrissey, 16 Aug 2001
"Finally the interface gets attention"
By Tom Sullivan and Michael Vizard, 16 May 2001

Java Developer's Journal
Droplets Interviewed at JavaOne
By Ajit Sagar, 05 Jun 2001

"The Trends that will take hold in 2001"
By Ryan Tate, 05 Jan 2001

Red Herring
"Pioneering the X Internet takeover"
By Tony Perkins, 26 Dec 2000

PC World
"Mail Droplets Keep Falling on My Desktop"
By Curt Franklin, 05 Oct 2000


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U.S. Patent Office Issues Patent for Droplets' Groundbreaking Technology 

Droplets, Inc., Awarded Government GSA Contract 

Java Servlets Get a New Lease on Life with Droplets 

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